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Hawkeye's Firearms              Keeping the right to bear arms...

Concealed Carry Handgun classes offered weekly. Small classes with an excellent learning environment. Call or E-mail for details.

Hawkeye's Firearms, LLC
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Morganton, NC 28655
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A super multi-purpose, lubricant, cleaner & protectant for firearms, tools, locks, leather, wood & metal! An EXCELLENT cleaner for black powder firearms!! Available in aerosol
or liquid. Samples available.

Need a holster?
Custom Leather

S&W 1911
E-Series .45 ACP
All stainless steel and all the enhancements
It's a very nice semi-auto

Ruger LCP Custom .380 ACP
Skelton aluminum trigger
better sights than the standard LCP.
Nice little pocket pistol
Holster Optional

Ruger 10/22 NRA Special Edition!!
Take down, fiber optic sights
Natural Gear Camo!
NRA logo and HD nylon case
All sales benefit the NRA

S&W Shield
9mm or 40

S&W Model 638 BodyGuard
.38 Spl.
Shrouded hammer, stainless/alloy

Glock 42
Good choice for concealment

Walther P-22
Nice little fun plinker

50th Anniversary

Springfield Armory XDs
.45 ACP

S&W M&P 22 Compact

Rock Island Armory
.45 ACP

Bersa Thunder

SandW 637
Performance Center .38 Spl.
Tuned Action, basketweave laminate grips

SandW 442
Hammerless .38 Spl. +P

Ruger SR 1911 compact
.45 ACP stainless
 Lifetime Replacement Guarantee

Uberti Cattleman S.A. 
"Cowboy Revolver"

.357 Mag. cal.
A Nice Shooter!

Chaippa 1911-22

A Fun Gun


CW9 9mm semi auto

S and W MP-22
Semi-auto .22 LR

Nice target/plinker
Lifetime Replacement Warranty

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